In Hannu's Footsteps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre
In Hannu's Foot steps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre


Gamvik - a village on the edge of Europe


kuva Loumusta

Kari Loimu (73) is a pensioner from Espoo who has made his career as a consultant and a non-fiction author.

Kari bought his first camera in 1961 with his earnings from his first summer job. In the early 70’s, the compact lens still camera was updated to a system camera. During the 1970’s, he spent practically every vacation wandering the fells of Finnish or Swedish Lapland, or Norway. Trip after trip, photography gained more meaning for him, and at the same speed grew the load of equipment he carried with him. Over the years, wandering the fells has ended, but photography has remained. Kari has no specialty when it comes to photography; his camera captures birds, mammals and landscapes. Sometimes he might photograph plants and rarely some macro shots as well.

Over the last few years he has found some interesting photography locations from Spain and Norway.

Kari and two of his friends bought a house in the village of Gamvik in 2004. Since then he has visited the Barents seashore 2-5 times a year and captured the village life first on film, and nowadays on a memory stick.