In Hannu's Footsteps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre
In Hannu's Foot steps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre


Nature Photographer's Year



"I was born in Outokumpu, Northern Karelia, where I got interested in birds as a very small boy. My first notes from a bird trip date back to the year 1968! I have lived in Porvoo and later in Loviisa for over 40 years now, and that whole time I have actively wandered in the surrounding nature. I have had a camera with me all the time, but in the film days the purpose was to document my observations. When the digital cameras came, I got interested in digiscoping first, still mostly for documentation purposes, but after my website got more popular I started to pay more attention on the quality of the pictures.

When Markus Varesvuo offered his cooperation for building a website, the result was the now popular – website.

I am primarily a bird enthusiast. Photographing nature from other aspects has remained very diminutive. In bird photography I can make use of all of my knowledge on bird behavior, which I have gathered during my almost life-long, relentless hiking."