In Hannu's Footsteps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre
In Hannu's Foot steps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

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October 2021

kk lokakuu 2021

A white reindeer is a rarity. In the old days, they were very much appreciated and used for festive hides. They are partly albino. The one white reindeer couple I have often seen in Posio are probably
related to each other. In spring, as the reindeers give birth, it might still snow quite heavily.

September 2021

kk syyskuu 2021

The Pine Grospeak is a mysterious bird with a beautiful voice. It lives in the forests of Kuusamo. If you come across its nest, it won’t get startled, you can watch it up close. It appears in the backyard
rowanberry trees in the fall. It only eats the seeds from the berries. The males have a beautiful red coloring, the young and the females are very modestly colored.

August 2021

kk elokuu 2021

The Honey Buzzard is rare in Kuusamo. They lay eggs as late as Midsummer, to a nest beautifully decorated with leaves. They eat the caterpillars of bees and bumble-bees. The younglings pick them
from the cone brought in by their mother. The mothers are quite good at digging the nests from the ground.

July 2021

kk heinakuu 2021

The Osprey is a common nester in Kuusamo. The nest can be quite far away from fishing waters, and very far away from human habitation. In June, as the cloudberries start to ripen, the younglings
are still in the nest. The female keeps watch at the nest, and when the younglings seem hungry it signals the male to go and get some fish.