In Hannu's Footsteps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre
In Hannu's Foot steps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

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November 2014


First snowfall

Hoikanjoki River, Kuusamo
November 1992

Published in the book Moments of movement (1995)

October 2014


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Although the racket of a Black Woodpecker is familiar to us, you rarely see it in the forest in summertime. You might sometimes spot it flying above the trees with a slight totter, accompanied by an echoing lilting. The large bird has a wide territory, which must be proclaimed whenever on the move.

Although the Black Woodpecker is heard frequently, visual sightings are rare. But countless times as I have sat down for a break, I've heard tapping. The knock of a Black Woodpecker is powerful, for example when it is breaking into a nest of Carperter Ants in a living tree. All kinds of ants are a delicacy for the Black Woodpecker.

If you move closer to the sound, it will fall quiet. If you are very careful and attentive you might catch the Black Woodpecker's shy, cautious peek behind the trunk. The wanderer is under inspection. The intentive eye of the Black Woodpecker moves from side to side around the trunk. The wanderer is examined, whether he is harmless.

Posio, Korouoma, February 2013
Technique: Canon EOS V, 600/4 L IS USM + 2x converter, hide, Fuji Provia 400

November 2013

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The aged eagles stay in their nesting area the year round. When the days get shorter the eagle must find food at least twice a week. A squirrel will do for a day; a rabbit lasts for two-three days.

This old eagle gladly receives the food-aid offered by a photographer. The cold day's crimson light creates a wonderful atmosphere. The eagle finds a treat; a dead fox left behind by hunters.

Kuusamo, Oulanka, January 2009
Technique: Canon EOS 1 V, 70-200, hide, Fuji RXP