In Hannu's Footsteps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre
In Hannu's Foot steps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

October 2013, October 2009


A Masterly Leap

This picture is very closely connected to the Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre. I was in the centre for a meeting. As I went out, a hare leaped towards me. Luckily I had a camera with a 2.8/300 mm and a shoulder bracket in the car after my trip that same morning. I dashed after the hare in the rain and met him at the corner, as it bounced forth.

The motor drive was ticking and the hare accelerated.

Kuusamo, September 2009

Canon EOS V, 2.8/300, shoulder bracket, Fuji 400 X