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In Hannu's Foot steps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

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March 2013, February 2008


Predator on the Move

The Great Grey Owl is a bird of the northern taiga region. It lives in the forest of Siberia, near the Arctic Circle. A fellow creature of a slightly different colour lives in the forest of Canada.

The species is specialized in preying on small mice and moles for nutrition. As the second largest bird after the Eagle Owl, it is specialized only in these very small animals. With the help of its excellent hearing, it can find them even under up to 50 cm thick layer of snow. If mice and moles are scarce, they often starve to death. They do not know how to hunt anything else. The only known bird in the area was spotted after new year, after one month of dwelling here. It was reduced into a small ball of feathers.

This year the great grey owls nest in central and southern Finland, where the mole population is still very large, unless there is a collapse in the population.

This picture dates back a few years, when there were several great grey owls in Kuusamo. Then the mole population collapsed, and the owls took off to Siberia, where there still were plenty of these small hairy animals.

Technique: Canon EOS V, 4/600 mm, tripod, Fuji Provia 400

Kuusamo, February 2007

January 2013



Squirrels have a very thick winter coat. The summer coat partly remains as an undercoat, and a longer thicker winter coat grows in the gaps. On cold winter nights squirrels curl in to a ball in the nest. Their long tail is a vital insulation.

Kuusamo, March 2008

Technique: Canon EOS V, Canon 4/600 mm, + 2X converter, hide, Fuji Provia 400

January 2013, January 2008


Burgundy light

Midwinter days in the arctic circle and Kuusamo area are rarely unclouded.

In the morning and night of a sunny day, you'll get to enjoy a colour play that is quite unforgettable. During sunrise and sunset the sun beams have travelled a very long journey, and have filtered so that only the red beams reach the earth's surface. It is a burgundy night, which is actually quite rare. The blue area on the forefront of the picture is in the shade, and therefore reflects the blue sky above.

Technique: Canon EOS V, 2.8/28-70 mm, tripod, Fuji Provia 400, aperture 22, exposure time 2 sec.

May 2013



The mating rituals of Ruff gives a lot of opportunities for photographer. The event is colourful, it is a real action, bluster and life.

In the tournament just a battle in the arena is the most important, and the prize, the female, belongs to the winner. It does not help to spend, either to give up.

The ruler of a small mound has had to battle with a Ruff which has followed the female in the swamp. Cloudy morning was dim, and the scanty light didn't give enough fast exposure. The result is good, however: the pace of the battle will appear in an excellent way.

Only on the light table i found a female nodding a head shyly underneath the wing, while Ruffs are battling her popularity. That is feminine self-confidence.

Kuusamo, June 1985

Technique: Canon A 1, motor drive 2.8/300 mm, tripod, hide, Kodachrome 64